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  • Your direct source for paper and plastic bags



    PLEASE NOTE: Our website is currently under construction and will be completed later in 2019.?

    In the meantime, please contact us via e-mail or call our office to receive further information on our products.



    J.S. Trading is a manufacturer, importer, and distributor of retail and industrial packaging, specializing in all types of paper and plastic bags.


    ??You can choose from our extensive inventory ?of stock products, sizes and colors, or we can produce almost any type of bag to fit your needs.


    Some of the products that we stock and specialize in are as follows:

    Paper Bags: plain, colors, hot stamped, and custom printed?

    Plastic Bags: plain and custom printed

    Merchandise Bags: plain and custom printed

    Reclosable (zip lock) bags

    Garbage Bags: Low density and High density

    Tissue Paper: Over 100 colors and designs available in stock

    Poly Propylene Bags: clear, clear with tape adhesive, clear with tape adhesive and hang hole

    Polyethylene Bags: plain, gusseted, and custom printed

    Shopping Bags: plain and custom printed

    Reusable Bags: plain and custom printed

    Gusseted Bags: plain and printed

    Garment Bags: zippered, plain, and custom printed



    J.S. Trading Incorporated
    6524 N.W. 13 Court, Plantation, Florida ?33313 ?USA

    Tel: 954-791-9035 ?Fax: 954-791-5706 ?E-mail:?raj@paperandplasticbags.com


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